Declutter magic is wild and makes organizing our dreams more possible.


Hi, I'm Ashley Moon!

I’m a decluttering empowerment coach and organizing expert, supporting ambitious artists and entrepreneurs with big dreams.
People come to me and the team hoping they can…
  • Release the clutter and keep it that way 
  • Create systems they can easily maintain
  • Balance and prioritize everything on their plate
  • Enjoy quality time with who & what matters most
  • Trust their intuition, decisions, and next best steps
  • See their inner space (mental/emotional) and outer space (environment) as positive reflections of one another
  • Feel more relief, joy, clarity, focus and flow


Is this something you’ve imagined for yourself? 

I’m here to let you know that it is possible. And it's not as hard, or out of reach, as you may think. I've mastered it down to a science- with formulas and simple steps. I find what makes people tick so I can help bridge them from A to Z, making their organizing + life dreams a reality. 

If lack of proper organization is the main thing holding you back, you are not alone and I encourage you to shift this!

You know this will make your life easier and more successful, so why wait? You’re meant for greatness and clutter only limits our potential. 

Maybe you’ve felt stuck, have tried everything, or don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you’ve made some progress, but it stops and starts- and you crave consistency. I encourage you to receive support and choose your own organizing adventure- or reach out to us!





I wasn’t always so organized and clear about my purpose...

Yet ever since I chose to make this my top priority (instead of dabbling, with maybe one day mentality), I’ve grown much happier, more clear, focused, inspired and successful.

My inner and outer spaces are finally powerful reflections of one another and - it keeps getting better. 

Pivotal moment story:
Eleven years ago, I was bored at my job, trying to be grateful and make the most of it. 
But I felt messy inside and didn't think my life had any real meaning or direction. 
Luckily my boss saw something in me and said, “Ashley, as much as I don't want to lose you, have you ever considered taking your side hustle (organizing) and make it a full-time business?”
Um, no. But he was right and I gave my notice a couple weeks later, and here we are today. 
This leap of faith meant getting super organized - on a whole new level - with my thoughts, emotions, time and tasks, home and workspace, business and digital. It even meant taking things off my plate, or learning how to grow a bigger one. 
My abundance and success has actually meant learning how to let go, balance, prioritize, and manage things well- internally and externally.  
What I appreciate most today is: as I continue evolving-, creatively and spiritually, so too does my work and what I offer the world. 
It's a way of life. It never gets boring. Everyday is an adventure. I'm here to be of maximum service and not let my own crap get in the way.
And even though it feels like I have a million and one things to do most of the time, the art of focus and prioritizing has been key to delivering generously without sacrificing my own well-being. 
Proper mindset, declutter magic, organizing empowerment, and genuine clarity of purpose- are the key factors in my success- for what I’m able to achieve today and I want to help you do the same- but in your own unique way!

Finding my voice and my gift.


In the process of decluttering and organizing for myself and hundreds of others, I had a deep spiritual awakening.
And I realized that was the hidden gem and what more I could also offer others in the process ~ healing, growth, and expansion.
The more we let go of anything not serving us or our highest good, the more we make space for what truly does. We grow next level. Just like nature knows how to do. Release, receive, repeat, rebirth!
The less we allow clutter to limit us- mentally, physically, emotionally, or even spiritually, the more clear, connected, and courageous we become~ to live our divine potential. 
It seems so easy to accumulate clutter- of many kinds- but we can also learn to let it go. We only need to become willing, and ready to follow some steps. 
We will learn so much about ourselves in the process of saying Yes and No to items, people, and decisions. We come to understand our current identity, purpose, passions, values, and dreams. 
Over the past 11 years, I’ve designed a home, business, lifestyle, and teams~ that allow me to serve others both in-person and virtually- using the very tools I teach!

Some star clients and magical souls we've supported include…

  • Michelle Khare and Gabbie Hannah - famous Youtube celebrities who each brought me on their channel so I could show them and the world how to practice organizing in 3 simple steps
  • Jeri Jo and Hoarders - the popular TV show in which I helped makeover an entire room- that she and her puppy could finally enjoy.
  • Shalade of the Burbank Spa & Gardens- incredible human whose organizing magic led her to purchase and manage her dream spa, a place she’s loved going since age 17!
  • City Threads Warehouse- a local children’s clothing company with a large facility downtown who’s business skyrocketed after getting our in-person and virtual support (great combo!) 
  • High Profile Celebrities~ I’ve signed major non-disclosure agreements so can’t even say their names- but we've organized their entire space, collaborating with their interior designers and support staff. We've managed some major relocation projects, even with the paparazzi outside, getting their family all situated into their new, lovely home sweet home! 
They each bring their unique challenges and hopes to me.
I help them gain clarity and realize their dreams. 
I show people like you~ what's possible~ through the art and power of organization. We clarify then design your time and space intentionally~ so you can adequately nurture your purpose and potential organically.
We're proud to have organized over 2,000 people in-person and virtually; and to have impacted millions more online!

Are you a ready to take your life or business to the next level?

If you’ve been looking for ways to break free and fully focus your attention toward dreams that matter most to you,

I invite you to schedule a call and explore ways we can work together!

Ashley Moon’s Bio

Ashley Moon helps people declutter and organize their time and space in a sustainable way that empowers them, their purpose and potential.

She and her in-person team have helped thousands of clients throughout Greater Los Angeles. Ashley also offers virtual courses, coaching, consulting, and counseling- both privately and inside her group membership + community.

She has worked with various media including OWN, Hoarders, Buzzfeed, and the LA Times. She has authored two workbooks and co-authored a bestseller. 

Ashley has a masters degree in Human Development and Social Change and a BA in American Studies from Occidental College. She has completed many trainings and certifications related to clutter, organizing, psychology, coaching, business, as well as the magical and healing arts. 

Ready to organize & empower your potential?

Here's my guidebook with simple steps and concepts to help inspire more clarity, focus and flow.

Topics include: Getting and staying organized, remaining balanced,
sustainable prioritizing, and life purpose. Enjoy the magic.