Some of my story...

I used to think I was too damaged, beyond repair. I made choices that cluttered my life and well-being for so many years. 

I'm beyond grateful for the powerful, magical arts of decluttering ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It has become my  superpower & navigation system for letting go, getting free & moving forward with fierce purpose & clarity.

I love myself and life today! And the greatest gift? To realize I was never broken in the first place; that clutter is a part of life and our relationship with it can change. 








How I got here...

I grew up with a very neat, tidy, and minimalistic mama! 

Later I lived with my dad and stepmom whose friends started hiring me to help them organize.

In college though, I struggled with clutter and being too busy and distracted.

Soon after, someone trained and hired me to be a junior organizer on her team.

I got the hang of physical decluttering  again but throughout my 20s and 30s, I also struggled with mental and emotional clutter, addictions, unhealthy relationships, and lack of purpose.

As I've grown, healed, and evolved over the years, so too has my business.

In addition to having a BA in American Studies and an MA in Human Development & Social Change, I've also received massive amounts of training in clutter solutions, energetic & spiritual healing & psychology.

And I continuously invest in my personal and professional development including therapy, 12 step programs, a modern day priestess training, two Yoga teacher trainings, Reiki, advanced Tarot and Akashic soul session for deeper clarity, healing and guidance. As well as integration coaching for home, biz, and life.

Healing our trauma is what's required if we're really wanting change; getting to the root of our issues. Clutter doesn't have little feet after all, it's there because of us. We can learn to stop running in circles, to break cycles, and be of maximum service to others. Let's get free and live our beautiful lives!!

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Decluttering Magic means more...

Precious Time

Stop wasting valuable time looking for things!

Or wondering if your dreams are on hold because you're not quite organized enough. 

Become the boss of your calendar and besties with your to-do list! Create simple schedules and routines you can stick with.

Make the most of your time and enjoy it with who and what you truly love and value.. 

Valuable Space

Space care is a form of self care!

Feel calm, comfortable, creative and inspired there.

Work from home feeling focused and in your flow, loving your work life balance and potential. 

Nurture your space so it nurtures you back. Host friends and family, feeling proud and confident!

Creative Freedom

We all want to be free! Clutter blocks our energy and possibilities. 

Developing a healthy relationship with it is key. 

Take back your time, space, and freedom so you can dance and celebrate a life you love.