An Interview with Authority Magazine: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Uncertain & Turbulent Times


My interview with Authority Magazine was published today and here's the short video that was included, of the top 5 things I believe make an highly effective leader, press play and click here to read, enjoy!

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My first Media Page & REEL are ready...

alignment buzzfeed media May 13, 2022

>> ...for your viewing pleasure! << I'm so excited, let's celebrate! 

I left my last jobby job in 2011 (as an Executive Assistant) to pursue organizing as a full-time business career and began getting booked right away with TV shows and major Youtube channels, can you beliiiiieve?! 

Even high profile celebrities began hiring me as my team grew and everything has felt so aligned! Needless to say I've been gratefully busy and fulfilled over the years and recently hired my first full-time virtual assistant who helped me put together a media page and reel, omg!

Don't think it came easy. I had to (ahem, *I got to*) go through hours of footage to meticulously select the scenes I wanted. I got to practice turning down the inner critic (whoa) and UP the inner coach (yassssss, queen!)

I'm really excited to see what's next, def stay tuned!


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My (Money) Story & What's Next

 (Next workshop! Live and/or replays available. Scroll for more info!)

What's your money story? Here's some of mine...
I grew up with a mother who often struggled financially and seemed to think rich people were greedy or selfish...
In high school, I met - then moved in with - my dad, who was stealing money from my stepmom- and wanted me to help him get away with it…
After college, my (side hustle) organizing boss strongly suggested I save more money and develop more of a plan before leaving a full-time job (I was bored at)
Needless to say, I developed issues and deep rooted fears around money…like what it represents or says about me, and what problems it seems to cause…
Thank goodness I didn’t listen - or stay believing-  any of the above! It's taken a lot- and a while- to unlearn and reorient myself, but dang- have I come a long way.
I’ve outgrown those limiting beliefs and money...
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Inner Outer Space School: Membership + Community Doors are now OPEN, until March 31st!

Lately I feel like mama bear hugging her babies, so proud!

Life can be challenging. Finding our way, along the path...takes courage. Having clarity & community~ makes it more real & a lot less scary or lonely.

Yesterday, during our monthly group coaching call, one of our members got clear that she's writing a children's book! Another is tackling her art studio so she can begin a new project, with Spring flowers. Suzan continues clearing outher garage, packed with heirlooms and thing-a-ma-bobs. And our newest member was figuring out where to start- and she now knows~ the kitchen and dining room need her TLC the most. 

Declutter magic, here we come! And this isn't just about letting go and making space. This is about claiming your dreams and aligning your actionswith the internal wisdom you carry- that wants to keep growing and coming forth. You have gifts, meant to share with the...

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Are You On Clubhouse?!

Are you on Clubhouse? Today I reached 1k followers, yay! 

My Club is called Declutter Magic is Real and today we reached 420 members. :)

This week I’m hosting a daily series, check it out! You can come live and participate-or- just hang out in the audience while you laugh, learn, and cry with us (sometimes tears of frustration; sometimes joy, gratitude, relief, celebration!)

Or listen to the replays by scrolling all the way down my profile or my Club’s profile.

I also post highlight videos afterward on my Instagram, are we connected there?!

I post daily - a blend of education, inspiration, and just plain goofiness! And I just started a new "Moving Blog" highlight reel because...I'm moving and sharing my process with you!

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Happy New Moon in Libra. You are magical AF!

You know you’re magical AF, right? If you forgot, you’re cluttered with some lies. All good, no shame in the game. It’s just time to release those. Let that shit go. 

Tune in with how freaking magical, powerful, capable, and resilient you are! You got this far, didn't cha?! 

Keep going. Know when to pause. And when to excel. Hug your inner rebel. Trust yourself. The universe. The process. 

Today’s new moon in Libra is a potent time to explore your relationships. Starting with the self, of course!

I took a break from social media for a few days and it felt great. I hopped back on this morning to post a new IG reel, wishing everyone a Happy New Moon, reminding us how magical we are. Go check it out here!

I also added an 11 minute guided meditation/ritual journaling exercise for this magical AF day- inside my Inner Outer Space School. And guess what? Every 2 weeks, members get a new one- for each new and full moon. I love building...

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✨ My Latest TV Show Appearance, on Squeaky Clean! ✨

Want to see something really cool?!

I was recently on this new show called Squeaky Clean with celebrity host, Leslie Jordan, comedian and activist, Loni Love, and interior designer, Sabrina Soto! 

It's free on the Roku Channel and has 3 contestants competing in ridiculous cleaning or organizing challenges- for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize! 

Click here to watch my episode for free!

My Experience On The Show

Their production team found me online and reached out to see whether I was a good fit to be on their show. After a few rounds of interviews, we discovered together that I was indeed! I was so excited at the opportunity, challenge, and potential of winning that cash prize, obviously! I also really enjoy meeting cool, creative people who take something like cleaning or organizing -and make it fun and silly! That’s so my style.

Although I was eliminated in the first round (and nearly cried), it was worth the experience and getting to meet...

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Having the right Foundation and Support System alongside you - Changes everything

My magical clients are graduating and I'm ready to take on a few select, private clients who are eager to organize their time and space in a way that allows them to enjoy life with more abundance, ease and flow. Whether we've worked together before at some capacity, or more recently crossed paths, I'd love to explore possibilities with you! 

Having the right foundation and support system alongside you - changes everything. 

I’ve found ways to clear, create, and elevate my ever-expanding life path and want to help you be able to do the same. 

This inner | outer transformation means not only are you open to decluttering and organizing wherever it’s needed most- you’re also open to exploring and mastering your purpose and potential. 

This is for those wanting to up-level their personal and/or professional life- but may be feeling stuck or simply...

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Organize Your Garage by getting Rid of Useless Stuff

Organize Your Garage by getting Rid of Useless Stuff

The garage is more than just a place for parking a car for many people. If you're in the habit of using your garage for tool store, a safe space for seasonal items, or as an over-flow attic, things can get out of control quickly. Fortunately, you can learn to address the mess, get the proper organization tools for the job, and choose a method of organization that works best for the stuff you've got.

Get rid of the useless stuff. Whatever you end up putting in the "unusable" pile, get rid of it as soon as possible. Don't take it to the dump "next time you get around to it," do it right now. Clearing out the clutter is the only way to commit to a more organized and efficient work space in your garage. If you don't need it, don't keep it around to take up premium space.

  • Throw away broken or damaged items that are beyond repair and give away duplicate items or outdated items that you've replaced with newer models. You might...
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Join me for the New Organizing Master Class Starting May 10 - Topics are all Set!

I'm sort of in shock - and super happy - that so many people registered - and are ready to organize their time and space with me - and our community!

I just finished filming all 5 videos (3 to 7 minute each) - from inside a cabin by Big Bear Lake (gorgeous!) and those who register (at will be able to access them next week, within their library (rather than sending a ton of emails, which I'm just not into) plus we'll go live each night on Zoom and in Facebook, incase you have questions and want more support.

I'm also giving away major discounts and prizes. Woohoo! Here's the schedule:

Day One: Clarity +Intentions

Day Two: Where to Start + Staying Consistent

Day Three: Getting Organized (Time & Space)

Day Four: Staying Organized (Time & Space)

Day Five: Celebrating Progress + Next Steps & Your Roadmap to Success

Here's what's included in my free, 5 day masterclass challenge:

5 epic days of training, covering...

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