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decluttering coach Apr 16, 2021

Say whaaaat?! I've been reflecting on what's next ~ and was literally asked this morning ~ what I want my life to look like in a year, primarily in terms of biz. Want to know what I said?

                My Life A Year from Now:

  • I've got an incredible, thriving team of support (these are in addition to what I already have and love now!)
  • At least 1 intern handling research, journalism, press releases, etc. (paid or school credits)
  • Virtual Assistant(s) and/or managers handling various aspects of my businesses
  • At least half my income is passive, coming from online courses, within systems that funnel and flow! All this while helping people throughout the world practice the art of decluttering so they can maximize their time, space, and potential (ultimately saying YES to their purpose, loud and clear to the universe!)
  • Covid pending, I'm traveling the world and preparing to host retreats that help empower people and communities

Now let's back up a bit - I'd love to give some gratitude for how I even got to where I am today! Because it's been decades of focus and passion ya'll~ and I am so blessed to love what I do!!

How I Got to Where I Am Today

* Started casually organizing for friends and family (1990s)

* Became a paid junior organizer for someone else's biz, side hustle (2000s)

* Left my job to start my own biz organizing solo (2011)

* Started having juniors join me for bigger projects (2012)

* Began sending juniors out to organize on their own (2015)

* Grew an online following, Youtube + Instagram mostly (2018)

* Kicked off virtual private coaching programs + products, including my first Workbook (2018-19)

* Created more digital products and launched my first group program, a 90 Day Decluttering Detox (2020)

And now here we are, in the midst of repackaging this program to also be a standalone course (2021)

There's more to it, obviously, but these are the nutshell bullet points that I'm so excited to share! Because while it's great to focus on what's next, we can't forget to give thanks for how we got to where we are now. I have so many people to thank who have cheered me on and been great to work with. You know who you are! More on that soon.

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