Declutter Your Kitchen Pantry To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

decluttering kitchen Apr 06, 2021

Let's Talk about decluttering and organizing the kitchen pantry. With limited space, it's easy to put cans and packaged food items in wherever they will fit. Giving your shelves a sense of order can help you choose healthier foods to eat and make meal prep less stressful. 

Sometimes the biggest issue with a pantry before you declutter and organize is that it is hard to find what you need in the deep shelves and you may waste items that go past the expiration date.

 To make things easier to locate, declutter your selves and put your food packages in categories. The method of creating categories based off foods the client typically has.  Having your food sorted in categories will keep you decluttered and save you time when putting away the groceries and making dinner. I can help you with this decluttering task.  Here are some ideas.

  1. Categorize. Come up with groupings that suit your stock, but avoid making them so narrow that they exclude new purchases. 
  2. Try organizing tools. Storage baskets and canisters. Airtight canisters, are great for storing dry goods like flour and sugar. 

  3. Manage. Purge expired items regularly, and always put things away in their assigned categories. 
  4. Schedule a session with me so I can help you declutter in the kitchen and other areas of your home.  You will feel great and we may find some things that you can charity, which helps a good cause at the same time.

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