Ideas to Help You Clean Your Room to Help Clear Your Mind

Ideas to Help you Clean Your Room to help Clear your Mind.

Cleaning your room can feel like a big task, but it may be more fun than you think.  Make it a fun task and do it in steps.   Make it like a puzzle, write a list and think of it like finding prizes to keep going.  Work on organizing sections of your room first and then move into things like dusting, wiping, and vacuuming after you organize your stuff.  It will go faster and be more rewarding than you think.

Make cleaning your room into a fun puzzle. 

If you're having trouble motivating yourself to clean your room, make the process interesting by making it like a puzzle.  Example would be putting things into a pile from under your bed and then sorting through to see what will go in the trash, what will go to a charity like Goodwill and what you may want to give away to a friend.   Finally then what Items will you keep.
Make a list to help you remember what you want to get done.
Checklists are a great way to give yourself the steps to make sure you get the actual task done that you want and to measure your progress when you are cleaning up your mess.  Decide what you want to organize and clean, and then create the list of priorities. It is best to list what is the most important if you have a limited amount of time.  Try to think of as much as you can do in the planned cleaning session. 

Get rid of things that you are not using or do not want anymore

This is a great way to clear space in your room and get rid of clutter. Sort through your belongings on and in your nightstand and dresser and decide if anything needs to be thrown away.  Donate things you do not use or want anymore to a local charity.  If you have items that need to be recycled, like old magazines and paper goods, then take them down to your recycling can that will be picked up by the local trash service.

Place objects back in their rightful places if they already have a home.

Start with the bigger things, like books and pillows, then move onto smaller things, like pencils, pens and paper.  Find a home for all the items on your dresser, desk, floor, and bedside tables.  Keep moving and try not to get distracted by the items you are putting away.  Once you get things put away you can take some time to to review what you have found.

Get rid of unused things so you appreciate the special items.

Decluttering your room and will give you more space for the items that you think are special. Look at each item of clothing or other items.  Think about if you have used them in the last year. If you are not using and you think someone one else would benefit then give the clothing or objects to a charity or someone you know as a gift.

Decluttering your bedroom or any room in the house gives you a more clear way of thinking and relaxing from the stresses of the day.   You will also sleep better with a clutter free room.  

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