Inner Outer Space School: Membership + Community Doors are now OPEN, until March 31st!

Lately I feel like mama bear hugging her babies, so proud!

Life can be challenging. Finding our way, along the path...takes courage. Having clarity & community~ makes it more real & a lot less scary or lonely.

Yesterday, during our monthly group coaching call, one of our members got clear that she's writing a children's book! Another is tackling her art studio so she can begin a new project, with Spring flowers. Suzan continues clearing outher garage, packed with heirlooms and thing-a-ma-bobs. And our newest member was figuring out where to start- and she now knows~ the kitchen and dining room need her TLC the most. 

Declutter magic, here we come! And this isn't just about letting go and making space. This is about claiming your dreams and aligning your actionswith the internal wisdom you carry- that wants to keep growing and coming forth. You have gifts, meant to share with the world!  

I'm so excited we just reopened the doors to the Inner Outer Space School membership + community. I'm clearly biased, but can clearly see how solid of a way this is to take your life to the next level. 

And why not? There's so much outside of us that we cannot control. I mean what a world! What we can do is show up for ourselves, our space (inner & outer), and each other. We can create encouraging communities that nurture, support, and share the resources.

We would LOVE for YOU to consider joining us. Doors are open until March 31st. So why wait? Why not connect with us and commit to tackling your clutter, getting organized and loving it, so you can enjoy more quality time with the people and projects you adore? YASSSSSSS!!

Find out more here.

Book a free call if you have curiosities or questions. 

Need more private support? My clients are automatically added to this membership community, if they so wish to be. Let's connect!


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