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As an artist first and foremost, I actually avoided anything too administrative- like managing free gifts and email lists- for so many years...until now! 

The free Workbook Journal you downloaded, Organizing and Loving Yourself, Space, Life - is filled with the very steps and concepts that have allowed me- and so many clients- more time, space, freedom and creativity to fully express and celebrate the best version of ourselves. I want this for you too! It’s why I made it freeeee for the world to see. 

I’d rather us not be strangers since I’m coming into your inbox, supporting you with such a personal experience! There’s an About Me page in the beginning of the workbook, but here’s some fun stuff~ I bet you don’t know yet! 

  • I’m goofy and playful, especially when I’m feeling good, safe, and comfortable.
  • I’m naturally nurturing and all about Home Sweet Home, maybe because I’m a Cancer! That’s my sun sign. Capricorn Moon. Leo Rising.
  • I’m a self help junkie but I’ve super downsized the amount of personal development trainings’ these days because I need space to integrate the wisdom received already! I’m focused on being a student of life, listening to my body more; plus teaching and learning from my clients. 
  • I’m highly creative and constantly making up poems, songs and stories. I’ve always been this way! I was a child model actress and well, still a ham! 
  • I’m sorta ambidextrous! I write with my left hand but I do so most other things with my right. Maybe that’s why I’m such a left/right brain mixed thinker! Works out well.
  • I am obsessed with animals, especially dogs and sloths. And under the sea life! I mean, I just can’t!!!!! 
  • I have 5 tattoos and got them in this order: star with a spiral, raven, four leaf clover, sea turtle, moon cycle
  • I’m a total nature girl and spend as much time with her as possible! 
  • I think you’re awesome! Thanks for being here :)  

Please make sure you're getting all my emails (not spam, boooo!) by whitelisting this email address or google what your email provider requires. Shouldn’t take more than a minute. (I put my heart and soul into these emails, I would love them to actually be received and it's been a challenge!) Thanks!

I suggest making an email folder and putting all my emails in there! You can name it whatever you like, perhaps Ashley Moon/Creatively Neat or Organizing Workbook Journal. Yassssss!!

So far this is the third email. The first was the free download, with suggested ways of working with it. The second was ways of staying connected and in community, so you know you're not alone. 

Stay healthy and well! I'll be posting some cheesy and heartfelt self care videos on my IG soon @creativelyneat. :)

You're doing great! This life thing is a trip, sending air hugs!

Ashley Moon
Decluttering Empowerment Coach


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