My first Media Page & REEL are ready...

alignment buzzfeed media May 13, 2022

>> ...for your viewing pleasure! << I'm so excited, let's celebrate! 

I left my last jobby job in 2011 (as an Executive Assistant) to pursue organizing as a full-time business career and began getting booked right away with TV shows and major Youtube channels, can you beliiiiieve?! 

Even high profile celebrities began hiring me as my team grew and everything has felt so aligned! Needless to say I've been gratefully busy and fulfilled over the years and recently hired my first full-time virtual assistant who helped me put together a media page and reel, omg!

Don't think it came easy. I had to (ahem, *I got to*) go through hours of footage to meticulously select the scenes I wanted. I got to practice turning down the inner critic (whoa) and UP the inner coach (yassssss, queen!)

I'm really excited to see what's next, def stay tuned!



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