My (Money) Story & What's Next

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What's your money story? Here's some of mine...
I grew up with a mother who often struggled financially and seemed to think rich people were greedy or selfish...
In high school, I met - then moved in with - my dad, who was stealing money from my stepmom- and wanted me to help him get away with it…
After college, my (side hustle) organizing boss strongly suggested I save more money and develop more of a plan before leaving a full-time job (I was bored at)
Needless to say, I developed issues and deep rooted fears around money…like what it represents or says about me, and what problems it seems to cause…
Thank goodness I didn’t listen - or stay believing-  any of the above! It's taken a lot- and a while- to unlearn and reorient myself, but dang- have I come a long way.
I’ve outgrown those limiting beliefs and money stories. And healed a lot of wounds. And certainly earn more money being my own boss than I ever did at previous jobs (I’ve had over 30 by the way, mostly in the service industry, education, and non-profit).
I continue getting better at CLARITY: knowing my numbers- what’s coming in, going out, plus targets and goals. As I grew, I eventually hired an accountant/bookkeeper. 
There’s still a way to go though, and that's okay, I'm up for the journey and challenge! I put myself through graduate school and continue to pay off loans, want to be better about saving, and hey- maybe even investing! 
And guess what? I’m soooo not alone. Members of my Space School (membership + community) need help with their money story, goals, and going next-level too! So they chose our next workshop topic- and you’re invited. 
All are welcome. Whether you’re well off and still have lots to learn; are broke, living paycheck-to-paycheck, making just enough, wanting to earn or charge more, start a side hustle, business, non-profit, sell your art, leave your job, retire, or simply attract more PROSPERITY…then come join us!!
Rita and I are ready for you! We've teamed up to offer something very unique and immediately transformative. She has decades of experience and could totally retire comfortably but chooses to keep helping those ready to learn what's helped her! Let’s do this. See you soon!

What we’ll cover:

  • Having clarity with your numbers
  • How to be an attractor for prosperity
  • Commanding your worth using the 4 money types so you can:

- shift your beliefs around money

- stand in your value with greater confidence

- know the impact and why this matters

- and take empowered actions! 

What to expect:

  • Meet the presenters & today's topic (15 min)
  • Rita’s Powerful Presentation (45 min)
  • Q & A from you! (30 min)
  • Followup coaching & accountability with Ashley Moon

Your ticket includes:

  • Immediate access to Rita’s handouts: 4 Money Types; 6 Universal Truths; 7 Key Practices for Attracting Prosperity
  • Zoom with Rita & Ashley: Saturday, May 7, 10-11:30am PT
  • Zoom follow up with Ashley: Tuesday, May 10, 6-7:30pm PT
  • All replay recordings + more resources sent after, based on your needs!

Can’t join us live? Lifetime replay access + resources are included in your ticket.

Participation is optional. No need to have your camera on unless you want to. You can even chat your questions if you're feeling shy or needing to multitask.

More about Rita:

RITA HOVAKIMIAN is a business coach and prosperity mentor who empowers and guides thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners since 1994.

She understands the path to success involves our relationship with money, and how we charge for our services correlates to our self-worth.

More about Ashley:

ASHLEY MOON helps people organize their life in a way that empowers them to fully embrace their potential.

Her holistic approach combines self care, space care, and soul purpose clarity. She and her team have served over 2,000 people in-person and virtually. She loves leading the Inner Outer Space School online membership + community.


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