Organize Your Garage by getting Rid of Useless Stuff

Organize Your Garage by getting Rid of Useless Stuff

The garage is more than just a place for parking a car for many people. If you're in the habit of using your garage for tool store, a safe space for seasonal items, or as an over-flow attic, things can get out of control quickly. Fortunately, you can learn to address the mess, get the proper organization tools for the job, and choose a method of organization that works best for the stuff you've got.

Get rid of the useless stuff. Whatever you end up putting in the "unusable" pile, get rid of it as soon as possible. Don't take it to the dump "next time you get around to it," do it right now. Clearing out the clutter is the only way to commit to a more organized and efficient work space in your garage. If you don't need it, don't keep it around to take up premium space.

  • Throw away broken or damaged items that are beyond repair and give away duplicate items or outdated items that you've replaced with newer models. You might consider giving away an old busted socket set if you've got a newer set yourself. Recycle scrap metal and other valuable stuff you might find lying around the garage.
  • Consider a garage sale. If your garage is packed to the gills with old Halloween decorations, stacks of Rolling Stone from the mid-80s, and trash-bags full of kids clothes, it's probably time to throw some price stickers on the junk and have a yard sale.

Once you get rid of useless stuff you can then get yourself some storage containers for things you will actually use.  Finally, you can prevent a lot of frustration by properly labeling storage bins or anything that you have to open to access items.  If you have small items like different sized screws and nails, you should put these into small containers and mark them accordingly. It may be a little more tedious at first, but should make your life easier later on when you need something.

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