Sometimes we Procrastinate on Decluttering Because of Perfectionism

 "I’m moving onto the next thing. It can wait. Take that!"

If we procrastinate on decluttering because of perfectionism, we’ll never get there. We’ll just get even messier and more likely to avoid it. 

You don’t have to tackle it all at once, by the way. Marie Kondo has you put ALL your clothes in a pile and I’m like, “Nooooo, my precious clutterbugs collectors, don’t dooo it!” You might get buried alive! (But hey, if her approach does work for you, great, by all means do it!)

Pacing ourselves is key. Learning how to declutter and organize in small bits throughout the week, and larger chunks weekly, is far more sustainable. You might want to label your sort/purge progress with post-its, painters tape, or signs-- so you can pick up where you left off next time - and not be totally confused, having to start all over. 

By the way, if you’re stuck...or haven’t even cracked open this badass Workbook Journal yet, below the image are some questions you can ask yourself:

1. Am I adapting or distracting? Like, am I that busy and genuinely don’t have the capacity OR am I avoiding this because of fear, doubt, etc. Honesty has the keys to freedom. 

2. Do I have a solid foundation and support system so I’m not totally winging this, overwhelmed and all alone? If I don't, what's one thing I can do to create these?

3. Is this a priority right now? Is my clutter bothering me, or preventing me from living my best freaking life?! (Pause, listen to your intuition, and follow her, lovingly.)

You get to decide how clean, tidy, and organized you want to be. If what you're doing is working, cool! If it's not, (which is likely why I'm here in your inbox, hi!), then I encourage you to take a deep breath, imagine how you want your home to look and feel- and freaking go for it! 

Space Care is Self Care. Make space for you. And for more peace of mind, clarity, calm and inspiration. 

Stay connected, reach out anytime, and know that I believe in you! I've seen it all, believe me, I even did an episode of Hoarders, okay? No shame in this game. I support you with wherever you're at. Let's work some Organizing Magic! 

Don’t let your mess get the best of you, ok? Recommit to your vision, set a timer, and delve in!  Call me and I can help you.

Ashley Moon
Decluttering Empowerment Coach


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