Happy New Moon in Libra. You are magical AF!

You know you’re magical AF, right? If you forgot, you’re cluttered with some lies. All good, no shame in the game. It’s just time to release those. Let that shit go. 

Tune in with how freaking magical, powerful, capable, and resilient you are! You got this far, didn't cha?! 

Keep going. Know when to pause. And when to excel. Hug your inner rebel. Trust yourself. The universe. The process. 

Today’s new moon in Libra is a potent time to explore your relationships. Starting with the self, of course!

I took a break from social media for a few days and it felt great. I hopped back on this morning to post a new IG reel, wishing everyone a Happy New Moon, reminding us how magical we are. Go check it out here!

I also added an 11 minute guided meditation/ritual journaling exercise for this magical AF day- inside my Inner Outer Space School. And guess what? Every 2 weeks, members get a new one- for each new and full moon. I love building...

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✨ My Latest TV Show Appearance, on Squeaky Clean! ✨

Want to see something really cool?!

I was recently on this new show called Squeaky Clean with celebrity host, Leslie Jordan, comedian and activist, Loni Love, and interior designer, Sabrina Soto! 

It's free on the Roku Channel and has 3 contestants competing in ridiculous cleaning or organizing challenges- for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize! 

Click here to watch my episode for free!

My Experience On The Show

Their production team found me online and reached out to see whether I was a good fit to be on their show. After a few rounds of interviews, we discovered together that I was indeed! I was so excited at the opportunity, challenge, and potential of winning that cash prize, obviously! I also really enjoy meeting cool, creative people who take something like cleaning or organizing -and make it fun and silly! That’s so my style.

Although I was eliminated in the first round (and nearly cried), it was worth the experience and getting to meet...

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Having the right Foundation and Support System alongside you - Changes everything

My magical clients are graduating and I'm ready to take on a few select, private clients who are eager to organize their time and space in a way that allows them to enjoy life with more abundance, ease and flow. Whether we've worked together before at some capacity, or more recently crossed paths, I'd love to explore possibilities with you! 

Having the right foundation and support system alongside you - changes everything. 

I’ve found ways to clear, create, and elevate my ever-expanding life path and want to help you be able to do the same. 

This inner | outer transformation means not only are you open to decluttering and organizing wherever it’s needed most- you’re also open to exploring and mastering your purpose and potential. 

This is for those wanting to up-level their personal and/or professional life- but may be feeling stuck or simply...

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Organize Your Garage by getting Rid of Useless Stuff

Organize Your Garage by getting Rid of Useless Stuff

The garage is more than just a place for parking a car for many people. If you're in the habit of using your garage for tool store, a safe space for seasonal items, or as an over-flow attic, things can get out of control quickly. Fortunately, you can learn to address the mess, get the proper organization tools for the job, and choose a method of organization that works best for the stuff you've got.

Get rid of the useless stuff. Whatever you end up putting in the "unusable" pile, get rid of it as soon as possible. Don't take it to the dump "next time you get around to it," do it right now. Clearing out the clutter is the only way to commit to a more organized and efficient work space in your garage. If you don't need it, don't keep it around to take up premium space.

  • Throw away broken or damaged items that are beyond repair and give away duplicate items or outdated items that you've replaced with newer models. You might...
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Join me for the New Organizing Master Class Starting May 10 - Topics are all Set!

I'm sort of in shock - and super happy - that so many people registered - and are ready to organize their time and space with me - and our community!

I just finished filming all 5 videos (3 to 7 minute each) - from inside a cabin by Big Bear Lake (gorgeous!) and those who register (at  https://www.ashleymoon.net/offers/4yoVvVjm/checkout) will be able to access them next week, within their library (rather than sending a ton of emails, which I'm just not into) plus we'll go live each night on Zoom and in Facebook, incase you have questions and want more support.

I'm also giving away major discounts and prizes. Woohoo! Here's the schedule:

Day One: Clarity +Intentions

Day Two: Where to Start + Staying Consistent

Day Three: Getting Organized (Time & Space)

Day Four: Staying Organized (Time & Space)

Day Five: Celebrating Progress + Next Steps & Your Roadmap to Success

Here's what's included in my free, 5 day masterclass challenge:

5 epic days of training, covering...

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5 Day Masterclass Organizing Your Time & Space May 10 - 14th, 2021

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Have you been wanting to organize your time and space but... haven't got the time or space? The irony, eh?!

* I'll show you step by step - what has helped thousands of my clients and myself - get and stay more organized.

* So get ready! Register to receive your own library login for access to this masterclass. Resources already await you inside!

Here's what's included in my free, 5 day masterclass challenge:

5 epic days of training, covering everything you need - to go from clutter and chaos - to more calm, clarity and confidence.

We begin the journey together; and you walk away with a roadmap toward sustainable success and empowerment.

Daily motivation + strategy: videos + live Q&A sessions.

My Workbook Journal explained & broken down into bite size bits.

Resource lists to help make downsizing and donating easier.

Accountabilty, community engagement and support.

You'll have access to the Masterclass for an additional week incase you need more time.

A chance to win...

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Declutter & Have Donations Picked up at your Home for Charity

After you declutter and you need to donate furniture and you are having trouble getting someone to come get your donations in a timely manner you should check out https://www.pickupmydonation.com/ and enter your zip code.

When you enter any of the zip codes in or around Southern California,  you will get the page to donate furniture, household items, clothes and more to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

You will get this page if you enter Local Zip code you will get the link to request a pickup for a local charity.  https://www.pickupmydonation.com/select-your-organization/?pcode=91101. Select the Charity of your choice and you can then fill out the form to have donations picked up. You will select a date and then they will call you to give you the date available. 

Once you fill out the four steps and submit you will be called in a couple of days. The call back was very quick and the donation pickup with happen in a couple of weeks. It is a great...

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...3 months from today, I turn 40 years young!!

decluttering coach Apr 16, 2021

Say whaaaat?! I've been reflecting on what's next ~ and was literally asked this morning ~ what I want my life to look like in a year, primarily in terms of biz. Want to know what I said?

                My Life A Year from Now:

  • I've got an incredible, thriving team of support (these are in addition to what I already have and love now!)
  • At least 1 intern handling research, journalism, press releases, etc. (paid or school credits)
  • Virtual Assistant(s) and/or managers handling various aspects of my businesses
  • At least half my income is passive, coming from online courses, within systems that funnel and flow! All this while helping people throughout the world practice the art of decluttering so they can maximize their time, space, and potential (ultimately saying YES to their purpose, loud and clear to the universe!)
  • Covid pending, I'm traveling the world and preparing to host retreats that help empower people...
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Declutter Your Kitchen Pantry To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

decluttering kitchen Apr 06, 2021

Let's Talk about decluttering and organizing the kitchen pantry. With limited space, it's easy to put cans and packaged food items in wherever they will fit. Giving your shelves a sense of order can help you choose healthier foods to eat and make meal prep less stressful. 

Sometimes the biggest issue with a pantry before you declutter and organize is that it is hard to find what you need in the deep shelves and you may waste items that go past the expiration date.

 To make things easier to locate, declutter your selves and put your food packages in categories. The method of creating categories based off foods the client typically has.  Having your food sorted in categories will keep you decluttered and save you time when putting away the groceries and making dinner. I can help you with this decluttering task.  Here are some ideas.

  1. Categorize. Come up with groupings that suit your stock, but avoid making them so narrow that they exclude new purchases. 
  2. ...
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Meditate much? Here are 3, with me guiding you!

guided meditations Mar 26, 2021

I'm grateful that we've crossed paths and am inspired to gift you these 3 guided meditations I recorded, that you can listen to anytime you wish!

They are 30 seconds, 3 minutes, and 12 minutes. The first one simply connects you with your breath and body. The others guide you through self care, space care, and life care~ through the lens of releasing and receiving.

If you sign up to receive these guided meditations, you'll be sent a library log in and can access them anytime. Let me know if you have any questions or requests, and enjoy!

PS- The links included above are to my store and the very first image you'll see are these meditations! PSS- If you somehow got this email twice, I do apologize, doing my best to organize and merge various lists from throughout the years, thanks so much!

Connect with Ashley Moon to help with decluttering your space.  You will be glad you did. 

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