✨ My Latest TV Show Appearance, on Squeaky Clean! ✨

Want to see something really cool?!

I was recently on this new show called Squeaky Clean with celebrity host, Leslie Jordan, comedian and activist, Loni Love, and interior designer, Sabrina Soto! 

It's free on the Roku Channel and has 3 contestants competing in ridiculous cleaning or organizing challenges- for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize! 

Click here to watch my episode for free!

My Experience On The Show

Their production team found me online and reached out to see whether I was a good fit to be on their show. After a few rounds of interviews, we discovered together that I was indeed! I was so excited at the opportunity, challenge, and potential of winning that cash prize, obviously! I also really enjoy meeting cool, creative people who take something like cleaning or organizing -and make it fun and silly! That’s so my style.

Although I was eliminated in the first round (and nearly cried), it was worth the experience and getting to meet...

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Learn more about Ashley Moon, Decluttering Empowerment Coach

As an artist first and foremost, I actually avoided anything too administrative- like managing free gifts and email lists- for so many years...until now! 

The free Workbook Journal you downloaded, Organizing and Loving Yourself, Space, Life - is filled with the very steps and concepts that have allowed me- and so many clients- more time, space, freedom and creativity to fully express and celebrate the best version of ourselves. I want this for you too! It’s why I made it freeeee for the world to see. 

I’d rather us not be strangers since I’m coming into your inbox, supporting you with such a personal experience! There’s an About Me page in the beginning of the workbook, but here’s some fun stuff~ I bet you don’t know yet! 

  • I’m goofy and playful, especially when I’m feeling good, safe, and comfortable.
  • I’m naturally nurturing and all about Home Sweet Home,...
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