Happy New Moon in Libra. You are magical AF!

You know you’re magical AF, right? If you forgot, you’re cluttered with some lies. All good, no shame in the game. It’s just time to release those. Let that shit go. 

Tune in with how freaking magical, powerful, capable, and resilient you are! You got this far, didn't cha?! 

Keep going. Know when to pause. And when to excel. Hug your inner rebel. Trust yourself. The universe. The process. 

Today’s new moon in Libra is a potent time to explore your relationships. Starting with the self, of course!

I took a break from social media for a few days and it felt great. I hopped back on this morning to post a new IG reel, wishing everyone a Happy New Moon, reminding us how magical we are. Go check it out here!

I also added an 11 minute guided meditation/ritual journaling exercise for this magical AF day- inside my Inner Outer Space School. And guess what? Every 2 weeks, members get a new one- for each new and full moon. I love building...

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