Join me for the New Organizing Master Class Starting May 10 - Topics are all Set!

I'm sort of in shock - and super happy - that so many people registered - and are ready to organize their time and space with me - and our community!

I just finished filming all 5 videos (3 to 7 minute each) - from inside a cabin by Big Bear Lake (gorgeous!) and those who register (at will be able to access them next week, within their library (rather than sending a ton of emails, which I'm just not into) plus we'll go live each night on Zoom and in Facebook, incase you have questions and want more support.

I'm also giving away major discounts and prizes. Woohoo! Here's the schedule:

Day One: Clarity +Intentions

Day Two: Where to Start + Staying Consistent

Day Three: Getting Organized (Time & Space)

Day Four: Staying Organized (Time & Space)

Day Five: Celebrating Progress + Next Steps & Your Roadmap to Success

Here's what's included in my free, 5 day masterclass challenge:

5 epic days of training, covering...

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