You are here with purpose, meant to empower and embrace your potential.


As kids we're told to follow our dreams- yet as adults, we often struggle with how to.

Clutter, in all its forms, blocks us- from enjoying more clarity, focus, and flow- making it harder to express our gifts and radical potential.

The art of decluttering magic (release, receive, rebirth) enables us to let go and make space for the next best version- of whom or whatever that may be- mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learning how to organize and optimize our precious time, space, and energy- is how we say YES to pursuing our purpose, potential, and dreams. When we take actions that align with our wisdom and vision, boom! We are truly living.




Recent bookings include...

Speaker on Stages at Major Festivals


Intuitive Healer at Large Events

Inspirational Entertainment for HBO

Tarot Reader for Brand Parties like Kiva

Group Facilitator at Private Parties

Transformational Workshops at Studios


Healing Circles & Retreats... 

...have been a major part of my transformation journey. I love creating and collaborating for these!

Sponsoring & Volunteering... how I give back and help others find their voice and magic!

Conferences & Events 

...from art and activism to education and entrepreneurism, I'm here for it!

Projects & Performances...

...I've always been an artist, first and foremost. Creativity flows into everything I do and adds so much flavor to the mix!

Do you have an event or project coming up? Let's chat!

If you're curious about booking me for a workshop, retreat, party, or event- in person or online - let's explore!