Upcoming Events:

Every Monday at 9am PST on Clubhouse, I co-host a Room called "Getting Organized" with a different topic each week. Stay tuned for more info + the link!


You're welcome to come ask questions and receive all kinds of support!


(Clubhouse is a free app, currently available for iPhone users)



Archive of Recent Past Events:




Free online interview series March 1st - March 14th:

You'll receive my interview on March 12th. Be sure to check out all the others too! Pure magic + free giveaways!


Such a great way to connect with like minded, hearted  folx creating a world that we can ALL access resources and thrive in!! 

Artists, activists, healers, movers, shakers, c
hange makers!


I'm so honored to be a part of this. Come join us!

Saturday, March 13th @ 2pm PST :


Let's move and groove, let go & get free!

I will guide us through various activities exploring our mind, body, spirit, and energy.

We’ll set some sacred intentions and then have fun activating and aligning with them in creative ways under this Pisces new moon energy!

Together we will:

  • Meditate + journal
  • Dance, stretch, breathe + flow 
  • Wind down with a magical sharing circle
  • Go inward and also get to know and love your moon friends community at One Life Yoga and beyond.

Price: $20

Meet Your Host:

Ashley Moon is a virtual Decluttering Empowerment Coach ready to help you let go and make space mentally, physically, emotionally & energetically! Download her free Workbook Journal, “Organizing and Loving Yourself, Space, Life!” at ashleymoon.net

Miss Moon is also an artist, activist, and alchemist- blending Tarot Cards with Akashic Record realms for deeper clarity, healing, activation, and alignment.