Journey With Your SPACE!

Interactive masterclass experience with Ashley Moon!

Declutter queen bee, organizing coach & spiritual intuitive.

20+ years experience makes her a master of messes. And so much more.

Come explore, experience breakthroughs, and celebrate!


90 minutes focused on making your home sweet home what you dream of!

Together we'll assess, game plan, then delve in.

I'll hold your hand the entire way through. 

I promise to make it fun, liberating, and life changing. 

Register for Prep Sheet + ZOOM. We meet Saturday, Nov 6th, 10-11:30am PT

Home is where the heart is!


In this masterclass, we will...


Key steps + concepts for empowering, sustainable space care! 

Understanding clutter, chronic disorganization, compulsive shopping, and hoarding.

How do we get you back on track, consistently?


Ask me questions! Tell me what's going on, your goals, and biggest struggles. I'm here to listen and help!

Then we'll each have a conversation with every room in the house- to see how it's looking, feeling, and flowing. 


A home for everything?! Yes. Get to know your belongings and where they...belong! ;)

 Pick one category or room and follow the steps: sort, purge, organize (homes for the keeps). Then we'll talk about habits!


This Is A Must If...

⚡ You've tried everything. Books, magazines, tv shows, podcasts. And yet...still not really motivated.

⚡ You're overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin. Avoiding seems easier.

⚡ You can't find stuff so you rebuy it and get frustrated when you can't find that one either. 

⚡ You want your space both beautiful and functional so you can work, play, rest. 

⚡ You're ready for more breakthroughs than breakdowns at this point. Let's do it!!

✨ Register today! Get a head start & see you soon!✨

Will there be more of these?

Yes! Welcome to my masterclass series, Inner Outer Space Magic. 

Save the dates for what's next: 

 Dec. 4th: Journey With Your Soul (Purpose, Trauma healing, Tarot, Akashic Records)

Jan 1st: Journey With 2022 (A Magical Mini-Retreat packed with goodies)

  • We meet on Zoom first Saturdays of the month, 10:00-11:30am PT 
  • Having your camera on is optional, although highly encouraged
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