If you want an abundantly successful and meaningful life ~ get clear, aligned, and organized!

Hi, I'm Ashley Moon!

I’m a decluttering empowerment coach and organizing queen for busy, ambitious artists and entrepreneurs with big dreams.
People come to me with hopes that they can…
  • Release the clutter and keep it that way 
  • Create systems they can easily maintain
  • Embody the belief: too blessed to be stressed
  • Balance and prioritize everything on their plate
  • Enjoy more quality time with who & what matters most
  • Trust their intuition, decision making process, and next best steps
  • See their inner space (mental/emotional) and outer space (environment) as positive reflections of one another
  • Grow confident in their direction and pathways, feeling prosperous and successful while making a difference, without burning out
Is this something you’ve imagined for yourself?
I’m here to let you know that it’s absolutely possible. I’ve seen these very hopes and dreams come true for my clients, both in-person and virtually.

They bring their challenges, with an open heart and mind. And I bring them clarity, helping change their life. 

You know deep down that you’re meant for something greater… a meaningful life that feels magical, prosperous, and aligned.

Perhaps you’ve been stuck for a long time but have tried everything and wonder if change is even possible. Or you don’t even know where to begin.
Maybe you’ve made some progress, or have come a long way- but still realize it’s lack of optimal organization and proper prioritizing- that could be the main thing holding you back. 
It’s not just about a pretty surface anymore. You’re ready for an inner shift too, that allows you to heal, transform, and grow next level- sharing your gifts with the world while manifesting your dreams~ with more clarity, intention, and ease. It’s a spiritual evolution and you’re ready. 
That was my story, too…

I wasn’t always organized and clear about my purpose.

Yet ever since I chose to make this my top priority, in a way that genuinely suits me... I’ve grown happier, more grounded, focused and successful. And my inner and outer spaces are beautiful reflections of each other. 

In my late-20’s, I was bored at my job (as an Executive Assistant) but really trying to be grateful and make the best of it. Everything looked good on the outside and on paper.
But why wasn’t I satisfied? I couldn’t understand. 
On the inside, I felt depleted and depressed. I lived for the weekends but all I did was party and feel more empty. I didn’t feel like my life had any real meaning or direction. 
Luckily my boss at the time, 11 years ago, saw something in me and said, “Ashley, as much as I’d hate to see you go, have you considered taking your side hustle (organizing) and make it a full-time business?”
Um, no. Guess who had a giant light bulb moment before giving her 2 weeks notice just weeks later?  
It was like discovering a whole new world. 
I already had the skillset. I was great at decluttering and organizing; had been doing it for about a decade. But I had no clue how to run a business. Or how to balance, prioritize, and manage everything. Let alone the mindset shifts, my goodness!
What I never saw coming is what I appreciate most today: as I continued evolving- creatively and spiritually, so too does my work and what I offer the world. 
It never gets boring. Everyday is an adventure. 
Even though it feels like I have a million and one things to do most of the time, the art of focus and prioritizing has been key to delivering generously without sacrificing my own well-being. 
Proper mindset, declutter magic, organizing empowerment, and genuine clarity of purpose- are the key factors in my success- for what I’m able to achieve today.

Here's some of what I get to offer today~ as a result of this on-going practical + spiritual work...

In-person team!

Julie is our lead organizer and has been on the team for 5 years, serving Greater Los Angeles. She’s kind, creative, fast, and fantastic with residential, business, and moves/relocation.

Online Membership + Community!

The Inner Outer Space School launched New Years Day of 2022 and we meet on Zoom for workshops, co-working, coaching and accountability. Members get 24/7 access to each other and a growing resource library that supports them with decluttering, organizing, and aligning with their purpose.

One-On-One Support!

Sometimes we need some extra TLC and handholding, with proper guidance, strategy, and accountability- so we can really understanding ourselves and breakthrough- to the next level.

Finding my voice and my gift.


In the process of decluttering and organizing myself and others, I had a deep spiritual awakening.
And realized that was the hidden gem and what more I could offer others~ healing, growth, expansion, liberation and possibilities. 
The more we let go of anything not serving our highest potential, inside and out, the more we make space for what truly does. We grow next level. Just like nature knows how to do, so beautifully.  
The less we allow clutter to limit us- mentally, physically, emotionally, or even spiritually, the more clear, connected, and courageous we become~ to live our divine potential. 
It seems so easy to accumulate clutter and challenges- but we can also learn to let it go. We only need to become willing, and ready to follow some steps. 
We will learn so much about ourselves in the process of saying Yes and No to items, people, and decisions. We come to understand our current identity, purpose, passions, values, and dreams. 
Over the past 11 years, I’ve designed a business, lifestyle, and team~ that allows me to serve more people both in-person and virtually- using the very tools I teach!

Some star clients and magical souls we've supported include…

  • Michelle Khare and Gabbie Hannah - famous Youtube celebrities who each brought me on their channel so I could show them and the world how to practice organizing in 3 simple steps
  • Jeri Jo and Hoarders - the popular TV show in which I helped makeover an entire room- that she and her puppy could finally enjoy.
  • Shalade of the Burbank Spa & Gardens- incredible human whose organizing magic led her to purchase and manage her dream spa, a place she’s loved going since age 17!
  • City Threads Warehouse- a local children’s clothing company with a large facility downtown who’s business skyrocketed after getting our in-person and virtual support (great combo!) 
  • High Profile Celebrities~ I’ve signed major non-disclosure agreements so can’t even say their names- but we've organized their entire space, collaborating with their interior designers and support staff. We've managed some major relocation projects, even with the paparazzi outside, getting their family all situated into their new, lovely home sweet home! 
They each bring their unique challenges and hopes to me.
I help them gain clarity and realize their dreams. 
I show people like you~ what's possible~ through the art and power of organization. We clarify then design your time and space intentionally~ so you can adequately nurture your purpose and potential organically.
We're proud to have organized over 2,000 people in-person and virtually; and to have impacted millions more online!

Are you a ready to take your life or business to the next level?

If you’ve been looking for ways to break free and fully focus your attention toward dreams that matter most to you, I invite you to explore my programs and the different ways we work with clients here. 

Ashley Moon’s Bio


Ashley Moon is a decluttering empowerment coach and organizing expert who loves helping ambitious artists and entrepreneurs grow next level in their life and business.

She believes that soul purpose clarity and alignment can birth our dreams into reality- and that clutter, of any kind, only limits our potential.

She and her team have helped over 2,000 people in-person, all over Greater Los Angeles. Ashley also offers virtual coaching, consulting, and counseling 1:1 and within her Inner Outer Space School membership + community. 
Her signature approach holistically blends self care, space care, soul purpose clarity and alignment. She believes in offering a sustainable, empowering transformation- not a quick fix. Helping the individual in this way, she believes, also helps our communities and the planet- as we are all connected, like the ecosystems we live in.
She has a BA in American Studies, an MA in Human Development, and numerous trainings in business, coaching, psychology; the healing and magical arts. She has been featured through various media and events, including OWN, Buzzfeed, Hoarders, the LA Times, HBO and Kiva. She loves living in Los Angeles and travels whenever possible.

Ready to start organizing your best life? 

Follow my simple system for getting and staying more intentionally organized with your time, space, purpose, and potential.