Oh my goodness, I couldn't be happier! I've worked with Ashley's company 5 times over the last 10 years- which always helps elevate my living space and organizational skills, as well as balance emotional stress, discomfort, and turmoil that can come with deep organizational transition.

Yesterday was such a monumental experience as Ashley helped me organize, file, and even did a spreadsheet for me to track paperwork and bills. I feel refreshed and renewed- was super excited to start the day today :-) Thank you Ashley, I look forward to our next session and your online program to help me stay consistent and create the life and home of my dreams.

Shalade J.

WOW! Where do I start? Ashley Moon is a genius at organizing my life!!! She is on top of everything, gifted in everything she touches. Ashley has a dynamic personality and is as positive as they come. I love working with her on a weekly basis and she has completely changed my disorganized chaotic life into a well maintained, completely organized, enjoyable workspace.

I highly recommend Ashley Moon and her fabulous team.

Debbie B.

Ashley offered great advice and resources to get me started, then hands on help from Julie! I was able to get through all the clutter I was holding onto. They were both extremely patient, understanding & professional. My experience was nothing but positive.

The community and course she's built is truly positive & life changing too. I'm extremely glad I was able to grow with tremendous support throughout the process. If you're thinking of getting your life together, request that consultation!

Michelle M.

When it came to moving across country, I certainly needed some assistance. I enjoy the idea of minimal living, yet tend to have a good amount of stuff. 

The dreaded packing, tedious organizing, difficulty in deciding what to keep; these things require an extra boost of strength, tranquil voice of reason, and outer source of logic. Amidst the stress of moving and packing- her tender tone and rational arrangement worked magic!

I hired with them again when my aunt passed away and all her stuff needed to be packed and moved. The problem? I was living halfway across the world. They managed to sort through and pack up a lifetime of possessions from my 82 year old Aunt's life, and ensure it was all put safely in storage.

I recently moved back to the States and the beautiful relics are alive and well thanks to Creatively Neat. They can do it all, highly recommended.

Jesse B.

I've been seeing Ashley as my life coach for the last 2 years. With her intuition, she's taken me from a place of fear to a place of clarity; a place where I was no longer nervous - where I could breathe again. She's been helping clear my emotional and metaphysical space for me too- that's where the majority of my clutter lies: in my head. Thanks to Ashley, I have managed to juggle my long, 14-hour workdays and still complete a novel. She helped me understand how to parse my time and give myself breaks when needed. Thus far, the novel is doing very well. Everyone has remarked on how well it's written. As far as my day job is going; Ashley has given me tools to help cope with the drama and trauma that surrounds it. I love Ashley. I make questionable choices a lot of the time and she doesn't judge me. She's my life coach, declutterer, psychologist, cheerleader, and friend all wrapped up in one.

Alex C.

Ashley Moon is amazing! She helped me organize my space and life during an overseas move and was an incredible guide as well as a grounding support during the whole process.

We continue our journey via her Inner Outer Space School {online membership community} where the energy is so inspiring and uplifting!

If you're considering down-sizing and up-leveling your life, look no further!

Moira M.

Ashley is such a GEM! I was having a really hard time working on the computer all day as I pivoted my business during Covid, to be 100% virtual. Finding my space to work at home, while homeschooling was really tripping me up and interfering with me being productive.

She helped me carve out a pretty + functional space, which are equally important to me, so that I can feel inspired and tapped in to do my work!

She also gave me so many helpful systems and easy to implement tips to stay on top of keeping my computer organized so that I am productive and excited to work on my computer, while managing my time and flow!

Ashley is so full of life and joy that she is such a pleasure to work with. {We've met in person but this was all virtual!} I feel completely comfortable referring anyone to her, knowing they are in good hands. 

Lisa E.

If you're wanting to experience an expansion in your life then Ashley is your girl. As an artist I tend to be messy which after awhile, begins to affect my productivity. Ashley does a wonderful job at simplifying the How to's that would make me feel overwhelmed at just the thought of them. Such as: how to declutter, get organized, and start fresh.

Her book is also great. I've already shared it with my mom who needed help in clearing out my dad's closet and belongings, having recently passed. Ashley's work is so necessary and efficient!

You will thank yourself for having reached out for support.

Damaris S.

Ashley is the BEST!!! For all of your mind, body, spirit, and home decluttering needs, she is THE person to call.

I've been supported by Ash for years to help be declutter, move, and get myself organized. People come to my home and think I am SO organized, but really, it was all of her support and patience that got me to this point. I am someone who works from home, and having a clear and decluttered space is important for my work. I wouldnt have been able to create or sustain my space the way I want it to be without Ash. She is deeply compassionate and understanding, and will never judge you for your mess. She is reliable and her prices are very fair. and more than that, she has a heart of gold. you can TRUST Ash! I recommend her coaching services as well. 5 enthusiastic stars for for helping artists and creatives get their shit together for years and years!

Shereen S.

I just can't say enough about Ashley. She is great at her job, helping me get my horrifically messy office into fine shape in just a few hours - and helping me learn techniques to keep it that way. She's also a kind and understanding person; no judgments, just support and empathy. So yeah, if you want to get organized, see Ashley.

Dan K.

Ashley is awesome!! Super friendly, knowledgable and up-front about everything she was doing/costs, etc. I consider myself a pretty neat & organized person, but was totally overwhelmed with the amount of wires around our entertainment center and computer. Ashley came in and made everything look very tidy, and color coordinated all the wires so it will be very easy to replicate should we ever need to unplug everything. She had a lot of creative solutions and ideas, and worked super fast!

I highly recommend this company and plan on using them in the future.

Liz H.

I've moved around a lot and Ashley has been a saving grace! She has helped me declutter, organize, sort out my things and my LIFE on so many levels. I can't sing her praises enough. She is so gentle! and so very thorough and non judgmental. She is very grounded and clear with her methodology and she is a god send. If you a need a professional organizer she is the best in LA and definitely one of the best on this planet. Thank you Ashley - you rock ;)

Marcia L.

I lived for years with a filthy, cluttered, unfinished garage that looked like an episode of Hoarders. I met a few organizers but I liked Ashley's sweet and gentle approach. The first morning (with help from an equally sweet able bodied young man) they quickly removed EVERYTHING and moved it to my yard in categories. Phew. I then had the whole garage refinished with a cabinet system and Ashley returned and in 6 hours sorted, helped me purge, threw away, organized and put away what I wanted to keep. Then hauled away all the donation and toxic stuff. She's a doll, easy to work with, and gets the job done quickly.

Wendy R.

Ashley is so great to work with. I was totally unable to deal with my home office - the piles of papers, the BOXES of papers, the total mess! Ashley and I met 4 times over 2 months and we got it all organized. Not only that, but she changed the energy of my office.

I've actually been maintaining the work we did. It has not piled up again. And that's a miracle! I'm going to have her come back soon to tackle my filing cabinets... and maybe a few other things that I've been avoiding dealing with! Ashley brings such great energy and a "can-do" attitude. I know I can get it all done with her help. :-)

Tricia E.

Awesome progress today! Thank you Ashley for teaching and guiding me along the elusive path of being organized.

Having suffered from overwhelm for years and my life purposes not being realized (or being realized at a snails pace...since I'm working on so many things at the same time), I can begin to see the light.

You're easy to work with, patient, and you have endurance......such vital qualities for this kind of service.

To you, her next potential client: if you're searching for help with getting organized in order to achieve your goals and find some ease of mind, look no further. Ashley Moon is the one to help you become Creatively Neat!

Jason L.

Ashley is a dream to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable and positive.

She helped me organize 2 home offices {for a show on the OWN} on a major deadline. Whoever has an opportunity to work with Ashley will be very glad they did!

Star H.

Ashley rocks. She's calm, supportive, thoughtful, respectful and easy to work with (even for semi-loonies who have way too much stuff).

Steve N.

I would give 10 stars if I could to Ashley and Creatively Neat. She will bring a cheerful demeanor and no-nonsense work ethic to your disaster of a mess! Nothing fazes her, and she actually ENJOYS sorting your junk! I recently moved to a house half the size, and Ashley's team unpacked, sorted, organized, boxed up donations, called for donation pick up, drove donations to charities, found logical places for all my stuff, recommended logical furniture, and utilized my own storage containers to save me $. They helped hang art, set up a filing system for my home and business, and encouraged me! THE BEST!!!

Jennifer F.

I don't consider myself hugely disorganized, but because of my hectic schedule, my apartment was a hopeless mess. Finally, I hit up Ashley to give me some advice on how I could organize all my stuff. Honestly, I wasn't prepared for the huge changes that Ashley was going to help me make.

She arrived, looked around, and without judgment, asked questions that helped me realize why my life was so disorganized. She really hit the nail on the head, and because of her insight, I was able to really tackle the heart of the issue.

Not only did I clean up my apartment, but I made even more significant internal changes that keeps my place tidy, organized, and a peaceful haven. Thank you so much Ashley!!!

D K.

ASHLEY IS PHENOMENAL!!! She is a real pro and pure joy to work with! Ashley is very talented with a unique skill set. Her organizational skills are amazing. Then add to that her intuitive abilities, her coaching skills, and her sweet, fun, and supportive personality and voilá...you've got a one of a kind expert who will help you transform your life! Working with Ashley is a blessing. Ashley is the real deal!

Katie J.

I went to a herworkshop to deal with my issue around accumulating clothes and household items that I use very little or sometimes not at all. I'm a single mom, so if I have more things in the house it means I have more cleaning up and organizing to do by myself. I walked out feeling optimistic about my decluttering, but I also learned that I was holding on to clothes (especially) that were from my past, to hold on to the old me (before child).

After Ashley's advice it was easy to see how holding on to these items was actually keeping me from my new Self, in various ways, including making more money. I took her workbook home and am so happy I did! It's easy to follow and declutter on my own time at home. I was able to get rid of two bags of clothes from my past, and even one bag of my daughter's clothes that she didn't even fit into anymore. I keep the workbook out so that every couple of weeks I can go through it and check my space and see if there's things I can let go of or things I can use in a new way, before going out and buying more things.

Ashley is practical and also compassionate through the process of guiding others to let go. I felt like she understood where I was coming from, and she encouraged me to step into something new.

Christian L.

Ashley is terrific!  We have been working together for over 4 years now. I moved from a 4,000 sq ft home, with LOTS of stuff, into a smaller home and needed to downsize.

When we first worked together, I was very sick and could only sit in a chair and approve stuff to get rid of.  

Ashley started on my garage, which was jammed with boxes from the precious house.  She did a terrific job of clearing it out, and once I had cabinets, organized the contents so now it is effortless to find what I need. The same now applies to the rest of my house!

If you have a hard time deciding what to keep, and what to release, Ashley is your helper!

Suzette S.