Personalized 1:1 and Group Mastermind Programs Available

As you get ready for your organizing adventure…you may need some personalized support to get to the next level. 

Whether you want to…

  • Become a decluttering queen king magical being (let go physically, mentally, emotionally~ feel lighter, more focused and free)
  • Organize and master your time, space, energy & potential 
  • Balance & prioritize your personal & professional life~ sustainably
  • Create the right (inspiring) amount of structure, systems, rituals and routines~ for your schedule, home, family, and biz
  • Enjoy more calm, clarity, confidence, creativity, freedom and flow
  • Take your life and biz to the next freaking level! 

If you’d like to learn more about these services and opportunities, please schedule your 1:1 exploration call now. 

The time we spend together (VIP day, 3-6-12 month program; group support) depends on your unique goals, timeline, and budget. Let's connect and see what makes the most sense! 

If you know you’ll need hands-on support and you live in Los Angeles, click here. If you live elsewhere, Ashley may be able to help connect you with the right people in your area.

Online Membership + Community (The Inner Outer Space School)


Want on-going support & accountability while you declutter, organize & manifest your dreams?! YASS!

Together, we practice & support you with:

* Declutter Magic (mind, body, spirit, space)

* Organizing Empowerment (work & life)

* Soul Purpose Clarity, Courage, Consistency

* Clearing the path toward infinite potential


Your membership includes:

✅ Live workshops, coaching calls, and fun, learning events!

✅ (All events are optional~ replays are archived & organized)

✅ A resource library, supportive community, accountability


Private clients have the option of adding this to their package.

 Ready to start organizing your best life? 

Follow my simple system for getting and staying more intentionally organized with your time, space, purpose, and potential.